March 23, 2010

Sick Kids and Whole Lot of Stuff Going On

I have all the boys home today from school. One is sick, one is at the tail-end of the flu, and the other just smartly slept in enough to have his Mom not want to go out in the freezing rain and drop him off. I really don't mind having them home, it's very cozy and reminds me of when they were little. I know one day I won't have anyone here and these will be the memories I need.
Beyond that Emily and I are hosting another workshop tonight. It's the second time doing this one, and although I'm looking forward to a night out crafting I find that we do move on after finishing a workshop and can't wait to create something else new.

Our next workshop will either be Sock Monkeys or Embroidery Hoop Art.

We are also going to start working on hosting a Craft Show in Almonte in the fall. Our intention is to get a craft show together that is full of funky crafters who are creating fun and amazing affordable items. Not that we don't appreciate the 'artisan', but we kind of want to avoid all the snobbery and expense that goes along with that title.

While all this happens, I am still coveting other blog's photos of beautiful spaces. Like this one below that I found on daisy chain.
Oh, how I'd love to sit here with a coffee and my sister before heading out to explore Paris for the day!