August 17, 2010


I'm predominantly home with the boys this summer. I love that they can still have a pretty low-key relaxing summer, cottaging, sleeping in, getting re-acquainted with each other.

I still have niggling guilt that we should be out doing things, and since the budget is limited this summer, if I can find something to do that is free I'm all over it.

The way I grew up was pretty typical, lots of museums, running around the neighbourhood, swimming, and walking through woods checking out everything.

Mike isn't really interested in hiking through the woods. We still haven't pieced together what he spent his time doing during his childhood, beyond running the streets in packs and crashing bikes into brick walls.

So last week, I looked up the location of the trails I have been driving by. I don't feel very safe walking them by myself (safe from all the couples trying to find a quiet spot, if you know what I mean. yuck.), but I figured if I brought a gaggle of boys with me there's no way anyone would bother me.

We went last week and did two trails. The boys loved it:

So we went out again today. Got a little lost (as in, we took a detour off the main trail and it went on FOREVER. Apparently if we continued on, we could have hiked to Kingston.), but they still had fun.

Maybe we'll conquer all trails by next August and be ready for all the walking we'll do at our favourite place.

August 7, 2010

I'm not religious. I have my reasons. I was raised Catholic, and went to church and sunday school so I understand organized religion.

I am also not atheist, I've decided late in life. I suppose having a 4 year old niece die of cancer makes you want to believe in heaven and a higher existence.

If anyone could make me become hard-core converted religious it would be these two sisters: Stephanie Nielson and her sister Courtney. Somehow they are able to talk about being Mormon without being pious. They are still stylish. They are admittedly vain, confident, learning. They seem so calm in the face of chaos. They grew up with a big, laughing huge flawed family.

I'm not idealizing. I'm not. I'm just saying I appreciate all religion, I respect people's beliefs when they don't try to push them down my throat. And sometimes I think I'm more of a believer than I know because I envy (uh oh. sin.) the calm that comes from people knowing their place in the world.

August 4, 2010

Blog Love

The awesome-ness is in abundance!!

Check out the Lake House that Red Shoes posted about this week!

I am green with envy, and so inspired!!!