May 31, 2010

Emily & I decided to offer:

Introducing the Handmade Nest Crafter's Club!

Keep your resolution to get out of the house, try new things, be creative and socialize more by becoming an Official Handmade Nest Crafter.

For only $100, purchase a Handmade Nest Crafters Club Package.
Each package includes:

  • 1x Free Workshop to be used anytime (value: approx $40)
  • 12x 15% off Handmade Nest Workshop (one coupon per month for twelve months - value: approx $72)
  • 12x 15% off your Blackbird purchase (one coupon per month for twelve months - value: unlimited)
  • 1x 25% off your Blackbird purchase (one time, anytime use - value: unlimited)
A fantastic gift for yourself or others.
Buy one today - in store at Blackbird. Neat Stuff for Every Nest.

Package expires one year after purchase.

May 24, 2010

Cottage Season

We stayed out at the cottage overnight this week-end. We were a little nervous about how relaxing it would really be with the two dogs, what with Molly being deaf as a doornail and Eddie still being a puppy. I had heard our new cottage neighbours have two dogs and we didn't know what to expect.

Worry as we did, the cottage ended up being very chill. See below:

Relaxing on Grandpa's boat

Despite protests, so happy we ended up at the cottage this week-end.

Missy was getting a little overly brave. I think she was just attention-getting because there are now SIX dogs on our cove.

Finn is soo shy.

We couldn't believe that Finn took the time to have some 'quiet' moments. In between Owen complaining "Finn won't stop singing! Make him stop".

The boys spent a lot of time at Jeff's art walk, and this time I sent them with our camera. Our neighbour on the other side has created the most amazing zen art walk.

The boys helped make this one.

All made out of found materials.

After lots of time spent finding the most comfortable spot, with the best combination of cushions, drink and books-we headed home.

And enjoyed a quick nap in the car.

May 19, 2010


Today is a long day at work. By no means am I complaining, but the fact remains I will be gone for over 12 hours. I'm working 10-5 and then we are hosting a workshop from 6-9. Maybe I'll be home by 9:30.

My point being, yesterday I felt I really needed to be organized to leave the troops in good hands. Being the uber-Mom (not!) that I am, I made a roast, caught up on laundry, had every surface cleared off (which is no small feat for me) and took two of the boys to the library after supper.

For a small town, we have a pretty great library. I'm still getting used to the fact that they don't whisper, and I'm usually the only one there whispering to my children. Dork. Anyhoo, I had to look something up on the computer/card catalogue. To my surprise, I found our library has a blog. The library?

Well after years and years of reading blogs, and having my own neglected one for some time...blogs? Hmm, not so cutting edge.

*disclaimer - I do love that they have a blog. Nice that our library isn't just gray-haired old fuddy-duddies.