March 13, 2011

Timeline '69-'74

I thought it may be fun to do a timeline a la Holly from Nothing But Bonfires. I'm a military brat and so my memories from childhood are segmented by 3 year chunks in various places.

The early years aren't really mine to talk about, in that what I know is mostly from what I'm told and not what I remember.

I was born in 1969 in Middleton, N.S. My parents lived in Greenwood on the air force base at that time (which we did only twice) and since there wasn't a hospital there, my birth certificate says Middleton.

They already had my older brother Sean and sister Terri who were 4 and almost 3 when I was born.

{I love this picture of my Mom, so pretty}

We lived in Greenwood for another 3 years I think. During that time we lived in the cutest little PMQ (private married quarters) that backed onto a field. We had a maltese named Muppet. My Dad was gone a ton because he was out flying over the ocean looking for submarines.

Our next posting was to Key West, Florida where we lived for a year. This house I remember as being a bungalow that had a backyard with a swamp in the back and poisonous jellyfish. I recall there being crazy storms and eating at a restaurant near the beach and the water was coming in on the floor. I also remember going to the Officers Mess (which is like their hang-out place) and being on awesome monkey bars on the beach. My Dad caught a shark, wore cut-off jean shorts and sandals and my Mom was pregnant by the end of the year with my little brother.

{I guess Terri had an itsy bity yellow polka-dot bikini}

Apparently we went to Disney World a couple of times (it had only opened in '71) and what I remember is the Mickey Mouse shaped balloons, my Dad wearing wax teeth in the hotel, and 10,000 leagues under the sea ride.

{I found evidence!}

We were then posted to Patuxant River, Maryland where there is a naval air station. We lived in a split level and I think the house my parents bought in the last few years here is very similar. My little brother Danny was born in November. My grandparents came down for a visit, as well as help watch the 3 of us while Mom was in the hospital with the baby-that-would-steal-my-thunder. When my Grandma told me that name of the baby was Daniel I remember thinking that was a stupid name. I was only 4 after all.

Our backyard seemed HUGE to me in that house, with woods behind us where the 'easter bunny' would hide eggs on easter morning. We had a Great Dane that lived next door and I was terrified of it. In my minds eye it was 10 feet tall and would bark every time I walked by the side of the house to go in the back. I'm pretty sure I had nightmares about that dog for years.

I don't remember Mom and Dad too much from this year. I know that Sean broke his foot and walked on it for days because my Dad didn't believe it was broken. I remember my little brother had to wear a metal bar between his shoes to fix torsion in his leg(s). I do remember, again, there being crazy storms where my Mom had us stay away from the windows (maybe that was Key West) and the power going out.

When this year was done we moved to Ottawa, somewhere I had yet to live but where most of my Dad's relatives lived.

March 10, 2011

I have a great boss. She's just a young thang who happens to own her own store in Almonte. Seriously who has their own shop at her age?

I think we're now great friends, and we depend on each other and complement each other well. One of us micro-manages alot and one of us doesn't really care. (Mostly because one already micro-manages at home way too much.)

But this is not an 'Ode to Emily'. This is another boot post.

Emily gifted me money towards a rocking pair of boots for Christmas. Because she's thoughtful beyond belief and is a way better listener than I am.

I have yet to find the rocking pair of boots that I'd like, but I thought that tonight I was feeling like it would be a good time to have a peek on-line.

This is the first pair I found:

Puhleeze. These are way too amazing. And yet, somehow I have delusions of granduere because they are $625. {from gravity pope}

These are pretty cute & very Blundstone-like from the Fluevog website. And they come in RED. But I think I want something a little more fun.

Ugh! These ones are only $665 from, again, Gravity Pope. {my new fav website}

I don't like these. I just think they are hilarious. How Tom Cruise are they? Heh.

Well guess what? I didn't find my boots yet. I know the way this works. Once I buy one pair, I'll find plenty I love and want in my budget. Then I'll be back in my younger boot wearing days (back when I rocked the long shorts & cowboy boots and was told I looked like Kermit the frog. cowboy boot were the rage back then. don't judge:)

Did find these though to replace the ones I outgrew and gave to my niece. In RED. Because that's how I roll.
It's a snow day!

I LOVE having my kids home when I'm not supposed to. Makes me nostalgic for when they were young and needed me constantly. That feeling will pass by about 2 o'clock.

Right now I'm making cookies, not because I'm a suzie-homemaker but out of necessity. They eat a lot. Finn just ate a huge spoon of cookie dough ~ I wonder how long it will take to see the sugar kick in.

*2 minutes*

This past week I've been:

Spending lots of time at the rink, cheering on the boys. Finn's last game on Tuesday involved him hitting the boards and the trainer running out to check on him. What fun. Not. He ended up recovering after sitting off for a bit and scored a goal (doesn't happen too often) to tie up the game. Mike was so happy for him, I wish I could have his reaction on videotape.

Spending lots of time thinking about and working on Handmade Harvest. (As has Emily. Not sure how she does it, what with a 2 year old & newborn!) We've got an amazing group of vendors once again and we want to promote the show as much as possible.

Finding a great piece of retro furniture (60's?) for the dining room. I LOVE it and had a need for it. Unfortunately I have 4 males and a jack russell in the house which means there are tennis balls rolling around my house at all times. Let's just say I lost it when one bounced off the glass of the new buffet.

Finding amazing inspiration on-line = very few magazine purchases. (my contribution to the environment?)

Watching a fab episode of Glee that then became extremely uncomfortable because I wasn't watching it alone. As in my teenager was watching with me. The theme of the episode was sex. (insert 'come on' as said by one of the cougar town guys. washisface.)

Watching my oldest son push through his worries and decide to do new things he doesn't feel comfortable with. Like this. And this. And get his grad photos taken. He hates getting school photos taken. (Of course, once I started looking into him getting a ski lesson he backed down. But there's a chance I'll get him to do it!)

Hoping that I can get through another wintry week without losing my sanity. Please let spring come soon!

March 8, 2011

Photo update # 2

Finn & Ow on their uncle's backyard rink Christmas Eve.
Healthy competition hockey with the some of the cousins.
I'm pretty sure my boys are the messiest rib eaters ever. Great spread & story telling with Mike's side of the family.

Home from the in-laws and opening a Christmas Eve gift. Finn's face says 'hurry up and take the picture'.

Christmas morning when they are feeling warm & fuzzy towards each other. It lasts 24 hours and it's total bliss.