November 29, 2010

Ode To Shoes of Past

This morning I was on-line drooling at boots. I love boots, but never buy them because apparently I have expensive taste.

I then got daydreaming about all the fantastic shoes I've worn, and never kept. I've seen an 'ode to shoes past' on a few blogs, and since everything seems to come back in style again I can find almost every style I've worn in the past on-line.

For instance, the man shoe:
I had so many pairs of these shoes. Multi-color, wing tip, neutral. Usually bought at Calderone or Town Shoes, because those were my shoe go to places.

The lace up boot:

I had patchwork lace-ups and a black & turquoise pair that I bought in New Orleans.

Flats with an elastic back:
Brushed suede blue ones from Club Monaco and they were SO. UNCOMFORTABLE.

Not sure what I was thinking with these, but I was in Florence when I bought them so that made it all o.k. I think I gave them to my g'friend Ruth. I bought shoes every time I went overseas.
Chuck Taylors of course. Given to my niece. I need a new pair.
There were penny loafers, platform espadrilles, cowboy boots, red boots, green boots lifted from my sister, pink runners from Paris, red suede wedges with clip on bows, and so many more......I really do miss all of them.

And these. I haven't owned. But I really, really want to. Except they are Doc Martens that aren't available here in Canada and shipping them here costs another $100. sniff.

If you really want some shoe inspiration, I recommend visiting The Satorialist. You're welcome.

November 24, 2010

I'm still here

We've already established how I suck at blogging. I'm however, amazing at reading. I've found some inspiration lately that has got me wanting to paint all my trim, beams and railings white. No wait, I love them natural wood. No wait, let's paint them turquoise and wallpaper the house.
This is my problem. I'm indecisive or let's call it 'an appreciator of everything'. I'm a Libra.

Once I get on my computer tonight (and my internet is working) I'll post some of the amazing links with inspiration that I've been finding.

Happy November!