September 18, 2010

I Sing

First of all, I just have to say I suck. It's been a month since I wrote anything down, beyond the posts that are sitting in draft. Pretty hypocritical eh Em?

This month has flown by. We celebrated Mike & Owen's birthdays, got the boys back to school somewhat unscathed, Owen had a huge allergy flare that had him missing school, and now hockey try-outs are in full swing.

What I really want to write about it how dorky I am. Not in the cool dorky way really. Just full-on dorky, I-can't-sing-but-break-into-song-a-lot.

I've mentioned before that I wake up my kids (not every day, that would be way too Mary Poppins) singing a song from kindergarten. When they were little, and I wasn't coping, I would break into the start of The Lion King theme song to vent my rage. (now I just swear). I've had children's songs in my head for years, from Sharon, Lois and Brahm to the Wiggles.

Last night Owen was not happy about having to wake up early for hockey, really though I think he was just worried about being evaluated. He tends to get real mopey at bedtime and loves to just complain about things he can't change. So, being the awesome parent that I am, I broke into song. Remember this one?

My poor kids.

(My poor grandchildren-to-be, because I know my kids won't be able to not break into song.)