January 27, 2010

I did end up getting some sewing done last week. Never as much as I want but I completed projects which is always a good feeling. There has to be a balance, right?

This week Emily & I are gearing up for a workshop we are hosting under our new business called Handmade Nest. We want to be organized so that when we get back from our road trip we can just move straight into our workshop. Should be fun and we are both very excited!

Beyond that, I was thinking this morning about how some of the funniest moments in my life come from the children. Yesterday while I was in the shower Finn came in to grab his toothbrush and as he was leaving asked if I could wash his "lucky underwear".

Finn is seven. Turns out his striped underwear are lucky. Who knew?
(I have a friend who has a journal for all the funny and clever comments her children have made throughout the years. Wish I had thought of that 12 years ago! Is it too late?)

January 18, 2010

So I did say I wanted to get creative last night. Apparently that means pouring myself a glass of wine, throwing on some pj's and watching the Golden Globes with my husband.

Not sure why I can't take advantage of small windows of time. Tomorrow, pinky swear, I will be in my sewing space. Cutting, sewing, ripping. (With a little baking and cooking in between.)

January 17, 2010

We spent the whole week-end in the arena and the sewing that was due to get done...did not. It was a bit too much for me. As much as I LOVE watching the boys play sports, I need time at home to recharge, tidy, organize, and veg.

Despite the seven (yes 7!) games I found a little time to myself to sneak on-line and check in with some of my favourite blogs. Cjane, SouleMama, and tollipop to name a few. I really enjoy Kelly McCaleb's blog and was going through her tumblr. She has some really wonderful images on there. Like this one:

I'm hoping to find some creative time tonight, and so off I go to get those little troublemakers in bed!