May 25, 2011

Most Boring Blog Ever Award

I win the most boring blog ever award. I'm paralyzed by the thought of knowing the people who read this blog, which is seriously dumb.

So to continue with the boring theme, here's an update on what's being going on round here parts:

1) The house has fallen into a mass of clean laundry piles needing a home, dust bunnies turning into dust monsters, a never ending mess in the kitchen (why can't I keep it clean?), and windows needing a good cleaning.

2) Finn wants to play soccer, Owen wants to do nothing, and Tyler has visions of gaming for two months.

3) Ty went to Ottawa U for the mini enrichment thingy and begrudgingly tolerated it. Awesome.

4) The craft show went off without a hitch and we are overwhelmed with all the ideas we want to put into action for the fall. Borderline paralyzing but we have a pow-wow scheduled for this week-end.

5) I NEED a day in my house to myself. With the sun shining. To organize, clean, get the goodwill stuff out of my garage.

Boring, boring, I know. On a good note, Mike & I are planning on doing the local wine & food event on Saturday afternoon. And I'm scouring the web for cheap flights to Orlando for our trip to Disney in August! Yay!

Here's a picture to wake you up, enjoy:)

(to be added later. gotcha)