December 3, 2010


I'm pretty sure I have yet to mention that I have a newfound obsession. It's really a year old actually, if you want to get specific.

The reason I should not even mention it is that I should probably establish my cool and amazing taste first. Like, if I mention how much I love this place you'll get all judgy with me and no longer deem my opinions worthy. In fact, I'm pretty sure some may think I've lost all credibility.

A year ago we took our family to Walt Disney World (with my sister and little brother and families). Fourteen of us descended on Orlando at staggered times, on the same day, to surprise my boys that their cousins were also going to be there (the cousins had already been at least 4 times previously. what!)

{insert past world travels, countries visited and amazing life experiences}

It was a fantastic surprise, it was such a great time and we couldn't have asked for better people to go to Disney with the first time.

Because we are coming up to a year, I'm really itchy to go back. I'm a bit of a simpleton when I think of it all....the smells, the feeling, the innocence. I try to blame living in Key West for a year as a child on why I love it so much, but that argument falls short in justifying my little brother's obsession. Only 3 of us lived there. He wasn't born yet.

For some unexplained reason, I can say it truly is my happy place.

{love this one----}

December 2, 2010

Conservative Girl

I was perusing the Anthropologie website the other night and came across this totally fun necklace. Wouldn't this be great to make for our swag bags for the next Craft Show!!

This one is adorable, and I think the seat may even be turquoise!

Wouldn't this one be easy to make? Seriously. We've already hosted a fabric flower workshop. No prob. 'Cuz that's how we roll.

I think I'm craving a little retail therapy because I'm stuck at the house with two sick boys. I should thank them for saving me money:)

Tomorrow is 'All About Finn' day as he's having his delayed Birthday Party. I'll have to blog about it Saturday.

See you then.