April 16, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

Our house out here in the country is a 70's house. It reminds me of the house we had in Halifax as kids, with a big fireplace that is exposed at the back in the dining room.

I have fallen in and out, and back in love with this house. There is a long list of things that need to be done, some big renovations and a few small cosmetic. For instance, our main bathroom is a mess. It has a green tub & surround, blue sink, blue toilet, navy blue peel & stick tiles and had navy blue walls! It has potential for sure, but our money has been designated for other more fun things right now (disney!) so it can wait. I painted the walls, and for now I can tolerate it.

Unfortunately what I've found, having this be our third house we've owned, it takes me at least two tries before I get a room colour right. Our first house I painted our foyer twice (once neon yellow, oops. and then the right shade), the second house I painted the hallway and our bedroom twice.

This house, so far, I have re-done our bedroom twice. And now the living room. This is the first colour I tried.
Check out the vivid green behind the dining room table. Mmm, not so much loving it. Oops again.

So I picked up some paint samples (finally! samples! $5 at Home Depot). Thankfully, my youngest son sees colour better than I do. He informed me that of first two samples I brought home, one was too brown and the other too grey. So the third one really was the charm.

Yay! So much better. The colour doesn't fight with the wood trim (which unfortunately has a lot of orange in it) and it's warm and cozy. It's my favourite room again. All it needs are some great curtains and rug and I'm ready for my Project Runway marathon.

April 12, 2010


It's monday morning at the crack of dawn. Mike's started his commute and the kids and dogs are all asleep. This is my time to get a moment of peace. Despite feeling like I was going to die waking up when Mike left, it's too good of an opportunity to waste. Our house is rarely quiet with all the personalities that live here (mostly just Finn really).

And it's so lovely right now!

I assume that the general public hates mondays. I don't. Kind of love them. They bring back order to the day, we all have things we have to do regardless of our energy level, and it's a fresh start.

I hate wednesdays. They are boring, people call them 'hump day' (dumb if you ask me), and they seem to drag on and on.

In celebration of mondays, I'm going to start posting some links and pictures to all the wonderful inspiration I find on the internet ( a.k.a. my reading material, really. my news, my magazines, my entertainment. that is what the internet means to me. call me a loser-go ahead. I still love it.)

Apartment Therapy, how I love thee. I will never have enough time to pore through every picture on this site. I love seeing how people decorate their spaces, their use of colour (some c-razy), and the amazing architecture of their homes. LOVE this site!

A stitch in dye is to die for. She designs and dyes her own fabrics, then turns them into amazing creations like these pillows:

Finally, Color Me Katie! She's amazing, really. I'm pretty sure I would love to be a fly on her wall. She's a street artist, photographer and I'm sure creative in every aspect of her life.

Case in point.

Have a wonderful monday!