August 17, 2011


Summer has been busy. Fun, but busy.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I felt like I was juggling work and kids too much. It was a little overwhelming and would not have been do-able without my Mom & Dad taking the kids now & then.

The boys started out the summer doing lots of this:

{a little like lord of the flies, no?}

Finn learned to swim (finally!):

So we spent lots of time in the pool:

{got to love photographic evidence of back-fat}

We had a power-outage, watched soccer, and squeezed in another visit to the cottage (sans cousins, oh the torture we put our boys through):

Even my Dad jumped off the boat! And yes, Dad, your toes were pointed;)

Then we got these in the mail!

Somehow, we're already at the end of the summer and we're going on our big trip! We'll celebrate two birthdays while we're there, ride every ride, eat great dinners, swim with sharks (maybe, if hurricane irene behaves:) and create great family memories! Did I mention my sister and her family are meeting us there? Awesomeness!

Cheers to having a great summer!!