July 11, 2011

Checking In

My week-end get-away? Why it was great, thanks for asking.

I was able to drive by myself for two hours to my girlfriend's cottage in Quebec. It was a lovely drive, and between you and me there may have a greasy drive-thru pit stop on the way.

I arrived at noon to find the other girls already there having a drink to recuperate from a four hour drive. (road closure, suckage) They were all coming from my old neighbourhood.

The age range of girls was 50ish to 24. Somehow we all met in the middle (Melissa's age?) and had a blast. We kept a steady drink in hand until midnight. Some didn't last as long, one could have kept on going (not me). Despite the crap weather, we were outside all evening and back with our families 24 hours after leaving them. Perfect.
{Melissa getting a cocktail}

{Porch roof at AM's cottage. Love it.}

{Boy the things I learned and want to erase from my brain!}

The week after school ended, and my sister, little brother and families showed up. The cottage was great (same as last year), we had fantastic weather, and even managed to meet up with my older brother & his wife for a night at a pub.

{Canada Fireworks watching on the boat}


Looks like every week-end of the summer is already booked. People visiting, weddings, trips. It will be a fun summer and then I know I'll give a sigh of relief come September when everything falls back into a routine.

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