June 22, 2011


Lots of changes are coming for my family. I like change, as long as I'm in control of them. If I'm thrown a curve ball like my husband breaking his collarbone and being off work for 6 months, I'm not so good.

But that happened 7 years ago. We survived, thanks to so-so company benefits and my amazing parents and family members.

My husband & I made the decision that I would stay home with our kids. I babysat some adorable (and not so adorable) kids while I was home with ours. At one point, when we only had Ty & Ow, I took a 6 month contract with Canada Post @ their head office. (Mike was in school at the time) That was lovely. I took the O Train from our neighbourhood to the office. I drank coffee BY MYSELF, I went to the bathroom BY MYSELF and I read all the Harry Potter books I could get my hands on.

By the end of the 6 months I was pregnant with Finn and ready to be home with my boys again. In fact, when Finn was about 5 months old Canada Post called me to go back for a new accounts management project and I said no. I loved being home with my kids despite it being so hard and financially straining.

I'm rambling.

I was home with the boys for 11 years. (That's 11 years that I did NOT spend building a career, obvs.) When Finn went into school full-time I thought it was time I look for a job and when I started at Blackbird I knew it was a temporary thing. As much as I've always made money and helped support the family in some way, I knew that this wouldn't be enough to take some of the pressure off of Mike.

Em & I have done other things, opened a side company called Handmade Nest. We hosted workshops at the shop for lots and lots of lovely women. Then we organized two amazing Craft Shows.

We're on the cusp of something new and lots of change.

The question is this. Do I go the conservative route? Steady and strong and potentially stifling. Or do I continue with this creative way we've begun to bring income in, which is essentially being self-employed, but without limitations? *Oh change, how you make me nervous*

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Fine Hand said...

i feel for you Colleen - i relate to your struggles - i have done home childcare in the past and know i do not want to go that route again... i guess all i could say is follow your ♥ and know whatever decision you make will be the right one! good luck!